Fumagalli Danilo

Wholesale trade
of fruit and vegetable products.

Fumagalli Danilo has been in the fruit and vegetable wholesale business for 70 years
with efficiency, quality and tailor-made services.





Experience, quality
and tailor-made service

We are a wholesale fruit and vegetable market enterprise established in Lombardy 70 years ago.
Three generations of the same family, one mission: to be the point of reference for buyers in commercial and collective catering, organized distribution and retailers. We source throughout the territory, according to season and directly from local producers. We guarantee maximum freshness, the largest assortment and 24/48-hour ordering and delivery service, tailored to each customer’s needs.

Danilo Fumagalli

Commercial catering

Restaurants: family, starred, chains, bakeries, workshops, dark kitchens, caterers, hotels.

Collective catering

School, corporate, religious, hospital canteens, nursing homes

GDO and Retail

Organized Distribution, Neighborhood Food Stores, Fruit and Vegetable Specialty Stores

million kilos of products/year

square meters of refrigerated platform



daily deliveries

years of experience

They say about us

Complicity and research to achieve maximum product expression.

Enrico Croatti chef Mœbius Milan

Sometimes we have to ask for everything right away; however, Fumagalli's girls are always very courteous and never back down when a helping hand is needed. This for a company like ours has real value that helps us work in high-stress environment such as the "ready to eat" world.

Riccardo Riva owner Riva food

We have had the opportunity to collaborate in multiple food retail projects . They are true partners : in deeds , not in words . Always present but especially in critical situations: problem solvers Attentive to the digitization of processes, they have often been anticipators of innovative IT solutions . Erika, our business reference is a unique person : she participates in the life of our companies with her heart and with true satisfaction in seeing them grow . Unquestionable the quality/price ratio of the products supplied, the seriousness of all operators and and the rigor applied from picking to logistics to the strict adherence to delivery times . Unique .

Maria Luisa Castiglioni | Panini Durini