World Food Day. A serious issue that affects us very closely.

16 Oct 2021News

World Food Day

World Food Day is not, as it might appear, just any anniversary created to generate traffic on the Web.

In contrast, October 16 is a historic date because, on that day and month in 1945, FAO, the United Nations body with the goal of abolishing world hunger and promoting and enforcing guidelines for healthy and sustainable food for all, was created.

Specifically, in Italy the day is promoted by the Ministry of Health and involves not only citizens, but all actors in the large system that grows, processes and distributes food.

In particular, last year the Ministry activated surveys (fact-finding surveys) among the Canteen system, analyzing the catering offerings for Public Administration employees, so that precise guidelines for workers’ health could be disseminated. It is increasingly clear and evident to all that the meaning of eating is no longer simply related to the quantity and taste of food, but also, and more importantly, to ‘the impact that daily food has on our health, both individual and social. Of no less importance, last but not least, is the contrast that a healthy diet offers against the most common diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and cancer.

As Fumagalli Danilo, fruit and vegetable sorters and distributors for 70 years, we feel proud to be players in this system, not least because it is the fruit and vegetable product-and an ever-increasing knowledge of it-that fully meets the guidelines for healthy, balanced and sustainable nutrition dictated by the FAO.

We are aware, therefore, that proposing to the realities of the sector HO.RE.CA. our customers, especially the school and hospital canteens, a catalog of freshest products (non-brokered), in season and from the area most suited, is fundamental to pursuing the common goal of spreading healthier and more sustainable food.