Our Story

For three generations, passion and quality in synergy with businesses

From Grandpa Mario to today

For three generations, the lights of the Fumagalli home in Tregasio di Triuggio, in the heart of Brianza, have been turning on before dawn. He started Mario in the 1930s, he was a young boy, but he was already helping around the house getting vegetables and fruits to sell in the courtyards, along with the polenta that Mama Angioletta sold already cooked.
He, who had commerce in his blood, knew that the best figs were in Meda and the sought-after biancone potatoes in Como, and by his own means, namely his feet, he would go far from home to get the best. His determination and a stroke of luck in his twenties helped him buy a horse-drawn wagon to go and get supplies at the Milan Fruit and Vegetable Market, then one of the largest in Europe.

The 1960s arrive, the economic boom, the world changes and Mario, who in the meantime married the daughter of the janitor of Villa Taverna, Carmela (the first woman to get a driver’s license in Brianza!) and realizes his second dream: the first logistics platform for wholesale, Fumagalli Mario is born, it’s Sixty-eight and that’s how he starts his peaceful revolution. Mario is joined by his son Danilo with his wife Antonella.

Every morning he would set off in the dark, crossing paths in the fog with those on bicycles from every corner of Brianza who were going to work at Falk or Breda, the large metal-mechanical factories on the outskirts of Milan. Years later some of those fellow travelers will go to work for him, to supplement their wages and build their homes, this is the sense of community that Grandpa Mario imprinted on his family and business.

In the 1980s. Fumagalli also supplied the large-scale retail trade and became a supplier of mass catering.
Everything changes and improves, but the alarm clock always rings very early, even when in the 1990s and 2000s work still evolves and Fumagalli Danilo selects customers, leaving the large-scale retail trade and Developing the commercial catering industry, continuing to work for the collective, neighborhood stores, fruit vendors and hawkers.

Erika, the first of Danilo’s three daughters, joins the company and gives it a new spin, with all that she has learned from her studies and experiences in multinational corporations; she retrieves the direct contact with chefs and begins to develop plans to re-enter direct contact with the consumer, up to develop Fumagalli Delivery, the home shopping service for individuals, a sector that Fumagalli treats with the same care as it does any other type of clientele. And the alarm clock — it keeps going off at dawn.