More than 1000 active codes including fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, legumes, mushrooms The complete range of fresh, dried fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, legumes and cereals. Wide variety of qualities, provenances and gauges.

Fruit IV Gamma

We work in our in-house fruit workshop with different types of cuts according to the needs and demands of kitchens.

Vegetables IV Gamma

We process in our in-house vegetable laboratory with different types of cutting according to the needs and demands of kitchens.

Flowers, shoots and herbs

We select from local farmers the best products including edible flowers, sprouts and herbs.


BIO-certified product range. We are ourselves certified to process and market BIO products

Km 0

Our offerings favor seasonal products and thus promote the entire country. We also support the micro productions and excellences of Brianza and our region such as the pink asparagus of Mezzago or the Como white potato.


We distribute juices, extracts and smoothies composed of 100% fruit.

V Range

We provide cooked vegetables and vegetarian dishes through collaboration with a certified cooking center in our area.

Christmas Box

Hand-packed baskets or boxes of the highest quality fresh fruit.